Panel Media and the Far Right


Organised in partnership with Intellect

11 January 2020

Leeds, United Kingdom

Venue: Queens Hotel Leeds


Many studies so far investigated the media’s portrayal of religion in light of how media portray certain groups. It is no secret that media have historically portrayed minorities and immigrants in a bad light, as many studies have documented this. However, recently many media organisations started to justify their coverage by calling upon freedom of speech. The freedom of speech debate started to gain prominence after publishing of caricatures of Prophet Mohammad in Danish daily newspapers which caused riots in some Muslim communities and Charlie Hebdo attacks that followed after satirical depicting of Prophet Mohammad. However, recently members of the Far Right and the Far Right leaning press have started to use this floscule as a way of justifying singling out of immigrants and ethnic minorities for problems in the society while ignoring the larger context. Therefore, this panel wants to explore how the debate that originated from the Left got hijacked by the Far Right and the ways to go forward in a way that preserves freedom of speech whilst not using this concept to intimidate and discriminate anyone.

The papers are invited (but not limited to) for the following topics:

Media’s portrayal of religious communities

Media’s portrayal of immigration

Far Right Media

Social media, Far Right views and the mainstream media

Social media and the Far Right

Freedom of speech debate

Fake news, immigrants and religion

Alternative media

Submissions of abstracts (up to 500 words) with an email contact should be sent to Dr Martina Topić ( by 15 September 2019. Decisions will be sent by 15 October 2019 and registrations are due by 15 December 2019.

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