Category: gender

  • The 4th International Conference on Gender Studies

    The 4th International Conference on Gender Studies attracted scholars from Canada, China, UK, Germany, USA, Israel, India, South Africa and Switzerland. The participants debated issues such as gender and education, gender and social media, LGBTIQ issues, gender and literature and gender and patriarchy. As with previous years, the conference was held in January (this time […]

  • #Women in the UK #Advertising: Project Findings

    I recently completed an analysis of my British Academy funded project on women in advertising. The project was entitled ‘Blokeification as a social issue? The case study of women in the UK’s advertising industry’ and it was funded under the small grants scheme SRG18R1\181033. In this project, I continued with my research on women in […]

  • 3rd International Conference on Gender Studies

    27th January 2019 Venue: Queens hotel Leeds, United Kingdom RATIONALE It has become quite common to use the term gender for sex, albeit this is incorrect. The infants are assigned male or female sex, while gender is more complicated because it encompasses not just biological sex but also personal sense of being male, female, both […]

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