2nd International Conference on Women’s Studies

Second International Conference on Women’s Studies


Conference venue: ***** Hotel Le Meridien Wien, Opernring 13-15, Vienna, Austria


It has been a long time ago since feminists started to debate women’s rights, and different treatment women receive in societies, politics and working markets. Even though feminist voices are still loud, and feminists still warn about inferior position of women in comparison to men in all aspects of life, have we reached true equality? Statistics and events forming daily consumption of the international media show we have not reached an ultimate goal of equality, and yet certain movements are claiming that feminists are too loud and that men’s rights need to be protected due to the enormous influence of ‘women’s lobby’. Have we truly reached equality, and are feminists jeopardizing the rights of men? These and other issues were subjects of our conference.

A few photos is available in the gallery below:

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