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2nd International Conference on Media and Popular Culture

London, UNITED KINGDOM, 28-29 December 2015

Conference venue: ****Hotel De Vere Venues – Devonport House, King William Walk, Greenwich, London, SE10 9JW


It is an unobjectionable fact that media participate in formation of our daily lives by creating identities, images, and by generally influencing our views. This applies not only to politics (i.e. political campaigns), but also to the formation on how we see ourselves and others. Popular culture, on the other hand, also affects our daily lives by fostering images and ideologies, and by selling a way of life that is presented as acceptable or non-acceptable.Sociological theories presented five models of audiences (hypodermic needle model, normative model, model of satisfying needs, interpretative model, structural interpretative model), and scholars still debate usability of each model due to the influence of media and popular culture over current issues. In addition, the agenda setting theory of mass media influence postulates that media affect our views and influence what we think about even if media cannot influence how we think about issues. These and other issues will be discussed at our conference.

In an interesting and live debate, participants looked at multiple realities created by the present media in relation to portrayal of love and relationship in the media, film studies, and media representations.

A few photos is available in gallery below

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