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Centre for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities is a private research institution registered in Leeds, United Kingdom. We are organising academic conferences in wider fields of cultural studies, and setting up an international journal (Journal of Culture and Religion).

The Centre is registered as a private institution, but it does not work for profit, i.e. all funds from conference fees are invested in an open-access journal to engage in a free dissemination of knowledge. As we do not have any funding nor are we able to pay the wage to someone to help us doing this, there are certain delays sometimes in regards to the editorial process for the journal, but we are doing our best.

The goal of the Centre is to be a place of dissemination for all academics, independent researchers, activists and practitioners, regardless of their origin, methodological/theoretical approaches and academic status/education. While we do lean towards qualitative methodologies and postmodernist epistemology, in a true spirit of respecting ALL knowledge as relevant, we welcome all researchers and all contributions.

Participation in our conferences is not a condition to publish with us, but we do hope you will consider our conferences to support the whole idea. The conferences are organised in Vienna (Austria), London and Leeds (UK).

We hope you enjoy browsing the website. Thank you for visiting.

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